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Complete listing of all current, recent and archived exhibitions and performances at the Asylum Art Gallery…

Zacharek is a photographer who combines travel imagery with fine art concepts. Much of her work is based around journeys, and it is the journey, rather than the destination, that provides the inspiration for her projects.

I like to express the complexity of female emotions, I like to show how multidimensional women can be, we are not simple beings.

Like many conceptual artists, I use text in place of paint on canvas. Text as art. Art as text. 

A Capricho, described by Robert Hughes in his book on Goya, is a whim, a fantasy, a play of the imagination, a passing fancy, and derives from the unpredictable jumping and hopping of a young goat.

My paintings are reflections on the experience of immersion in the elements. They are not depictions of specific scenes or particular views, but transcriptions and expressions of the physical and emotional experience.

A walk through a forest becomes a theatre of imagination. Sometimes you doubt where you are and you worry where the track may lead.

Influenced by the subconscious, the work is produced through the minds sight. Using the organic qualities of the material, the paint takes a life and a meaning of its own.

A new collection in the making using camerless photogram processes dating back to the 1840s, where Laura Hickman creates movement in these striking new pieces.

This piece looks at many aspects of the condition of ITP, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura and the psychological effects of this condition.

The work of Linden Ezekiel Parchment is rooted in his early experiences of being brought up in an impoverished black neighbourhood in New Orleans.

The ‘Journey’ body of work involves the investigation of the significance and meaning of place, the link it has to memories, the idea of the familiar and a feeling of the authenticity.

The Made in Metal show encompasses work made over the last 7 years exploring re-cycled stainless steel cutlery as a medium to construct insects, animals and figures.

"ATTACK ON THE SENSES art experience" is like no other art exhibition you will have been to. Featuring paintings, sculpture, installations, audio and visual art, embroidery, live performances and live music, this art exhibition aims to provoke thought but will truly blow your mind.


Sarah’s work is grounded in documentary practice, exploring the everyday, representing and investigating alternative viewpoints that reflect and try to make sense of our place in society and the world.

Artist Kesia Pennington-Yates uses art as a language to communicate the things that she cares about… people whom have been marginalised on the fringe of society. Put into a box that they will never get back out of…

The exhibition presents the face of multiculturalism and evidences the everyday lives of people in city centres, a visual representation of roles and rituals played out in popular culture.

HANIFA MCQUEEN-HUDSON is UK's pioneering B Girl of the early 1980s. Hanifa is widely accepted as the first UK B Girl to have ever competed on the same level of UK B Boys.

I'm interested in the gamble of life and how people behave in order to shift the odds more in their favour



20 - 25 April | 2pm - 6pm

Claire's work includes a range of artforms such as mixed media, paintings, line drawings, prints and wire work. She uses art to translate form into shape and  to produce pieces that invite the viewer to smile at, contemplate or engage with a subject.



11 - 18 April | 10am - 4pm

Pennie Gillis believes in paint. She only uses primary colours (from which, of course, you can mix any colour) and a lot of her work is non figurative.

My paintings may resemble something or it may not, but that's not important. I look for inspiration in nature, architecture and in urban environmental decay.

his exhibition questions “Are todays children the ones who will experience theraising of the veil” - or is this just the preoccupation of every era since the beginningof civilisation?



8 March | 6pm - 8pm

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The Expanded Field Art Exhibition explores some of the issues that have shaped 21st Art.



24 January – 1 February | 10am - 4pm

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20 December - 4 January | 10am - 4pm

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Steve Evans is an artist and structural engineer. His work is rooted in his interest in architecture and in the way that shape and form provide structural stability.