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Spring 2016 programme of exhibitions for the Asylum Art Gallery, featuring artists: Simon Francis, Mike Massingham and Bill Parker.

Zacharek is a photographer who combines travel imagery with fine art concepts. Much of her work is based around journeys, and it is the journey, rather than the destination, that provides the inspiration for her projects.

I like to express the complexity of female emotions, I like to show how multidimensional women can be, we are not simple beings.

Like many conceptual artists, I use text in place of paint on canvas. Text as art. Art as text. 

A Capricho, described by Robert Hughes in his book on Goya, is a whim, a fantasy, a play of the imagination, a passing fancy, and derives from the unpredictable jumping and hopping of a young goat.

My paintings are reflections on the experience of immersion in the elements. They are not depictions of specific scenes or particular views, but transcriptions and expressions of the physical and emotional experience.

A walk through a forest becomes a theatre of imagination. Sometimes you doubt where you are and you worry where the track may lead.

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21 Clifton Street

Chapel Ash

Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ

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