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8 April ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Viewing by Appointment till 9 - 13 April*

*Tel: 07506 693884 to arrange a viewing

Like many conceptual artists, I use text in place of paint on canvas. Text as art. Art as text. While the overall aesthetic of my, arguably aggressive ink pieces play a part, it is the use of language and the words themselves that hold significance and emphasise concept.

I project my woes and anxieties through the fluidity and accessibility of ink; taking what was, and still is, blocking my creative flow that renders me useless and turning it into something useful. A tool. Something with a practical function. A tool to produce raw, brutally honest, in the moment text pieces.

Images from the Exhibition

All images photographed by Megan Ashton  ©Megan Ashton 2016

Free writing plays a big part in the process of my work; they're never planned in advance. Whenever I'm feeling trapped by my own devices I write continuously, never stopping for a moment to question what I'm rambling about, I simply suck out the venom from the bite and spit it out before shamelessly displaying it for all to see.


There isn't a primary theme through my work.


Often it is the ramblings of everyday angst, sometimes there are  political elements, other times I'm simply being observant. No, no theme. Simply an ongoing narrative of an angry little Manc.' 





21 Clifton Street

Chapel Ash

Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ

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