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#8, MARCH 2015


Launch Date: 18 March | 6 - 9pm

We are human, we make mistakes as did I in the last edition.  In the article about West Side Artists Quarter you may have looked to page 4 to see a map of the proposed area...  it was not there.  Apologies, it is now.  The council have recently given their support (not their money) to this excellent identification of a well- established artistic area that will stretch loosely from Graiseley (adjacent to the proposed development of Market Square), encompass Chapel Ash and West Park

extending out to Newhampton Arts Centre in Whitmore Reans.


The value of arts and access to creativity can never be underestimated.  Wolverhampton, contrary to what some believe has a diverse, thriving creative element that is an asset and can only enhance
our city.

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Edited by Sarah Harford ©COLLECTIViSM 2016

Arts and culture is essential for our well being and to confront and challenge thoughts and introduce a dimension crucial to the whole. Don’t neglect your creative self. 


This mag is as good a starting point as any and is full of inspiration.  Embrace and support the part of you that needs fulfilment through the mysterious, beautiful and magnificent thing we call art… in all its many guises in whichever way suits you.


Sarah Harford, Editor


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