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#6, SEPTEMBER 2015


Launch Date: 18 September | 6 - 9pm

In December 2002 a group of independent artists came together as Collective and put on their 1st exhibition early in 2003.


The ethos was simple- a movement to bring together and promote the individuals, groups, events, organisations and businesses that contribute to the creative arts and independent music scene in Wolverhampton.

After their first exhibition, the Collective launched a magazine, COLLECTIViSM, to further the aims set out above.


5 beautiful editions later and as is often the way, the movement came to a natural end.  The collective occupied a unique moment that was its own, ties & contacts made and established.

Online version of COLLECTIViSM

Edited by Sarah Harford ©COLLECTIViSM 2015

So, here we are again, exciting things are happening in Wolverhampton’s creative scene and COLLECTIViSM is back with it’s 6th edition featuring art, music, poetry, philosophy, reviews and listings.


In this age of technology don’t forget the physical.  Create physical links, socialise, support, promote, connect.


COLLECTIViSM magazine accompanies the Wolverhampton scene, it is an object for your pleasure.  Spread the word, get involved….





An ISSU / digital version of COLLECTIViSM is available to view online. Alternatively, you can download and print a high resolution (300dpi) PDF copy of  COLLECTIViSM, either as single pages or spreads (recommended), and assemble your own version of the magazine: