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13 May ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Viewing by Appointment till 14 - 17 May*

*Tel: 07506 693884 to arrange a viewing

‘A gathering of flowers’ observed and remembered, expressions of joy and excitement. I am exhibiting collagraphs, monotypes and woodcuts on the theme of the garden. 


 I love exploring the shapes, forms, colours and textures of the garden and want to convey my joy though the images I create. I have a passionate curiosity about its own life – it is nature planned but wilful in following its own way.

The garden is an ever-changing sanctuary of colour, light and growth. A place to sit and think. A charm of goldfinches fly in and perch on the teazels and siskins sit on the branches of the pear tree. The garden has an absorbing, calming and re-centering effect and I would like my art to do the same. The rose arch is not only a beautiful sight but also can be a metaphor for transformation and change.

Images from the Exhibition

All images by Linda Nevill ©Linda Nevill 2016

Printmaking mirrors gardening in some ways.

There is the exciting reveal of a new print on the press and the opening of a flower. Also, the skilled control of a printmaking technique combined with a certain element that can be described as a ‘happy accident’ .


This can be compared to the careful planting of seeds or plants in the garden only to discover that an unidentified, intriguing seedling is also growing.

I enjoy the pursuit of an idea and exploring this through a printmaking process to create original prints.

I studied History of Art at the University of Edinburgh (MA Hons) and Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Wolverhampton (BA Hons). Significant short courses include printmaking at ‘New Grounds’, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking with Keith Howard and Friedhard Kiekeben in Dumfries and Monoprinting with Susan Rostow in New York.





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