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[Discursive Spaces]|

J A C K I E  S A N D E R S O N     

Exploring Heterotopias and how they contribute to or restrict [Discursive spaces]. These heterotopias or non-spaces will inform the research and the output of the final works. Six westmidlands based artists have been invited to contribute to the publication and a final group show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery to present a narrative between 'the in-between' and what that means in our current climate.  

| Artist statement |

I had the opportunity for an offsite project for the University of Wolverhampton, which took place at the site of the Old Post Office. This building had many uses over the years and the fabric of the building echoed with the voices of the past. To evoke these memories of the building, I made my own wall out of ten A4 canvas which I covered in plaster then distressed. This showed the many textures of the walls of Old Post Office, that reflect the different guises it had in the past and its different function over the years. Photographs of different areas of Old Post Office are displayed as a collage projected onto a wall bringing memories of the Old Post Office to life. By creating a narrative of the past, the virtual wall explores the textures and decay of the building and merging the photographs of its current state causing the viewer to reflect on the building’s past. The use of black and white photos creates a ghostly atmosphere, to which the viewer has an emotional response.

Jackie works in a broad spectrum of media which makes up her social practice.  She is interested in decay and erosion and see beauty in structures, industrialisation, dereliction and decay. 

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