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24 - 27 October ❘ Viewing by Appointment*

*Tel: 07506 693884 to arrange a viewing
Private View: 23  October ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Julie Green

The ‘Journey’ body of work involves the investigation of the significance and meaning of place, the link it has to memories, the idea of the familiar and a feeling of the authenticity. Many actions inform the pieces, instilling a sense of absorption in the notion of place; they include walking, drawing, research, photographs and printmaking.

The experimentation, randomness and reactions that can transpire in printmaking, encourage and impel the images. The aim is to produce work that reflects the passion for the process and method, generates emotions and creates a sense of feeling that place can evoke.

Images from the Exhibition

All images by Julie Green, Bhavna Parmar and Mental Images ©Mental Images 2015  

Bhavna Parmar

Once thriving and lucrative, the traditional handmade textile industries and communities have now all but disappeared in the wake of the industrial revolution and globalisation. Through the use of materials ranging from metals to paper yarns, I depict the strength and demise of communities that once relied on traditions and expert craftsmanship handed down through generations.


My work is an exploration and interrogation of lace techniques, some established over four hundred years ago.

Through manipulation of these techniques and the application of modern technology, I aim to bring about a new awareness and appreciation of traditional lace-making in a contemporary setting.





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