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Andy Warhol, Man Ray, David Bowie: they have all had a big influence on me as a person and as an artist. But then, so have original TV series such as Randall & Hopkirk, UFO, Captain Scarlet, The Avengers and The Prisoner.

They were all present during my formative years, and the one thing they have in common is a high level of creativity.

Loz Taylor

All images by Mental Images ©Mental Images 2014/5

The negative aspects of my life have also helped shape me, such as having an art teacher who tried to stifle my talent, and the hypocrisy I saw within the churches where my parents were caretakers.


But, you know, I took the good with the bad, and came through it strong enough to form my own opinions and to construct for myself the sort of life that I wanted.


Today, I have an art practice called ‘Stored Images’, am co-founder of MD Gallery (to be found at the rear of Wolverhampton Art Gallery), and I also write a horse racing column for



shuffle, Asylum Art Gallery,
18 - 31 October, 10am - 4pm.
Private View: 17  October, 6pm - 9pm.


Buy it and Flip it, Asylum Art Gallery,
4 - 16 May, 10am - 4pm.
Private View: 15  May, 6pm - 9pm.




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