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E D W A R D   C A R T W R I G H T

M A D E   I N   M E T A L

17 - 18 October ❘ 1pm - 6pm*

*Until 3pm Sunday 18 October
Private View: 16  October ❘ 6pm - 9pm

The Made in Metal show encompasses work made over the last 7 years exploring re-cycled stainless steel cutlery as a medium to construct insects, animals and figures. 


 My work has often been defined by my relationship with materials, its availability being first and foremost; followed by my technical ability to work with it. As a multi-media artist I started using steel cutlery mainly because it was available and cheap, initially sourced from charity shops (or in my student days the university canteen!).

The first creations (which I still make today) were small surreal beetles made from three fork heads and a spoon, an idea that popped into my head full formed much to the annoyance of my tutors as the grading system requires mapping steps painstakingly from A to B whilst researching artists 1, 2 and 3. Later when I left college and continued to make artwork I kept the cutlery theme and I created more elaborate creatures from whatever the shape of an item suggested to me, layered knives suggested feathers so I embarked on a range of birds from small robin to an almost life size swan.

Images from the Exhibition

All images by Edward Cartwright ©Edward Cartwright 2015  

Edward Cartwright

In more recent work I have moved on from describing birds and animals in steel to forging human forms from the cutlery. This area of the work seeks to draw out the human figures from these man made items, created by our own hands for our own hands, hence the title of the human series; 'Finding the Man in the Metal'. I find something appealing about making everyday objects quite literally stare back at us.




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