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19 September ❘ 11am - 5pm

Evening views available by appointment
Opening Night: 18  September ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Sarah’s work is grounded in documentary practice, exploring the everyday, representing and investigating alternative viewpoints that reflect and try to make sense of our place in society and the world.


Her work examines the meaning of the photographic image and questions the value of beauty through her “Public House” series. 

An ongoing documentary project concerned with the topological and social aspects of the environment, allegorical with the decline of community & the spectacular takeover of capitalism, the images aim is to start a conversation.

Images from the Exhibition

All images by Sarah Harford ©Sarah Harford 2015

Sarah Harford

The materiality and process of photography is explored through her double exposed images of dj’s/musicians taken using film and technical “trickery”. With this particular process there is an element of chance... a reflection of life.  Music is used to escape, is tribal.  The dj’s are masters and mistresses with power.  Music as is art, is a language that is as diverse as people themselves and accommodates at any and every level. 

“Allorts” is a collaborative piece in which the audience will create the play list for Sarah’s weekly radio show.  Art as experience and audience participation are important aspects of Sarah’s practice.



More information about Sarah Harford is available on her artist profile page.


21 Clifton Street

Chapel Ash

Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ

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