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The work produced focuses on bringing current contemporary issues and policies under the spotlight. Through this, the absurdity of current legislation and the modern day mechanisms of power, control and politics are highlighted.

The work is a comment on society that encourages and promotes dialogue and action.

Miss H

All images by Miss H ©Miss H 2016

Blood Money

The government reduced the tax on sanitary products from 17.5% in 2000 and since then has remained at 5%. Over the last 5 years alone the government has raised £75million in revenue from this. The language used by HMRC to describe these products is “Non essential luxury item”.  What is non-essential and luxurious about sanitary towels and tampons?  

To get this tax abolished, all 28 EU member states must agree. Why hasn’t this happened?  Another example of us being treated like T**TS. 


The have’s (money and/or a penis) and have not’s are divided once more.


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