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5 December ❘ 12pm - 4pm

Viewing by Appointment till 13 December*

*Tel: 07506 693884 to arrange a viewing
Opening Night: 4 December ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Passing By

A new collection in the making using camerless photogram processes dating back to the 1840s, where Laura Hickman creates movement in these striking new pieces.


Hickman animates her subject matter, taking insecta, rhapalocera, miniature animalia and immortalises them when she “paints them with light” using the photogram process.

Going beyond making a “negative record of a shadow” she composes each piece to create moments of mortality. Bringing these to life again momentarily in her work, the delicacy of death bleached flora and fauna are celebrated in shadows of themselves. The naturally preserved departed organic subjects in her work are not in reality alive as they appear.

Images from the Exhibition

All images by Mental Images ©Mental Images 2015  

Insecta Extraordinaire

A contemporary visual extravaganza
of curiosity and wonder

Fascinated by the illusion and absurdity of Victorian flea circuses visual artist Laura Hickman has created a series of work depicting her own contemporary whimsical world in her latest collection.


Hickman’s intricate miniature vehicles have a delicacy to them and appear to be pulled by insects and tiny animals. Each has been carefully forged by hand and is a piece of art in it’s own right. Captured both in small glass bell jars and in photogram prints she brings them to life within the work.


The camerless photogram process, aptly dating back to the Victorian era, has been used to paint her subjects with light producing animated black and white pictures where the miniscule performers come to life within each piece.

William Henry Fox Talbot, Victorian pioneer of photography made some of the earliest photograms in the 1840s.


Artists including Pablo Picasso, Man Ray and Barbara Hepworth have also used the technique.


Composed by hand in the dark room, each piece is unique as no negatives exist. It is more akin to printmaking than photography.


Flea Circuses have occasionally been featured in art before but never as a series of photograms. A contemporary and rare curiosity of an exhibition.


(No insecta have been harmed during the making of this exhibition)





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