Sarah’s work is grounded in documentary practice, exploring the everyday, representing and investigating alternative viewpoints that reflect and try to make sense of our place in society and the world. Sarah has worked in a variety of fields including music, art, fashion, journalism, education, public art  & media both independently and as part of artist groups. 


She was a founder member of Collective – a movement to bring together and promote the individuals, groups & events that contribute to the creative scene in Wolverhampton.


The Collective organised a number of group exhibitions, social/community events, and produced 5 editions of a magazine, Collectivism to support the group.  At this time Wolverhampton had a thriving stencil art scene.  It was when Banksy first started getting noticed and the artists of Wolverhampton made their mark.  This movement has been documented by Sarah and archived.  Street art and the way people need to express their selves through marking the environment is an ongoing project. 


Documenting the environment through closed down pubs is another ongoing documentary project.  Started in 2007 as an MA project “Public Houses” documents and is concerned with the topological and social aspects of the environment, allegorical with the decline of community & the spectacular takeover of capitalism.  As is often the aim of her work, the images aim is to start a conversation.


She works in both traditional and digital format, exploring topological and social spaces and ways of manipulating film.  Her work with dj’s explores alternative ways of seeing and representation. Her double exposure technique allows her to experiment with the apparatus and provides her with an alternative way of presenting the dj. The music scene around Wolverhampton in the early 2000’s has been documented and archived also.  Sarah freelanced for the Express & Star in 2001 documenting people in local pubs & clubs.

All images by Sarah Harford ©Sarah Harford 2015

Sarah Harford

Dada, Surrealism and The Situationist movement resonates with her way of working and understanding the world. 


Art as Social Practice, politics and everyday life are important areas of Sarah’s practice as is audience participation and art as experience.


Mirage, Asylum Art Gallery,
19 September, 11am - 5pm.

Evening views available by appointment.
Private View: 18 September, 6pm - 9pm.




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21 Clifton Street

Chapel Ash

Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ

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