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18 - 31 October ❘ 10am - 4pm

Opening Night: 17  October ❘ 6pm - 9pm

I wasn’t into painting when I left school and didn’t fancy being a starving artist, so I decided to give racing and gambling a go.


Things have worked out pretty well on that score, but I never lost sight of the art, or the ideas that were accumulating in my head, (hence my art practice is called ‘Stored Images.

At first, I tried to keep the art and gambling apart – as I thought it might make muddy waters, but, over time, I have come to realise that they are the two primary drivers in my life and that they feed off each other in a very positive way. I’ve also come to realise that all of my life is a gamble, one way or another, and that I can cover plenty of ground as an artist by focussing on this simple truth.”

Images from the Exhibition

All images photographed by Mental Images  ©Mental Images 2014

Today, I have an art practice called ‘Stored Images’, am co-founder of MD Gallery (to be found at the rear of Wolverhampton Art Gallery), and I also write a horse racing column for


I used to think that these two practices (art making and gambling/sports writing) would create conflict, and for many years  Ikept them apart, but now I allow them to collide, feed off and interact with each other. From this mini ‘big bang’ comes a good deal of my work.


I’m interested in risk, chance and the gamble of life; how people behave in order to shift the odds more in their favour. I hope, when you look at my work, you will see some of these influences coming through.



More information about Loz Taylor is available on his artist profile page.



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