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18 March ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Viewing by Appointment till 27 March*

*Tel: 07506 693884 to arrange a viewing

Until recently my work has almost entirely been inspired by my travels in Asia, Turkey and other far flung corners of the world. In late November I visited Andalucia in southern Spain for the first time. For years, Laurie Lee's books on Spain have whetted my appetite to visit this fascinating region and it was both a wonderful and distressing experience.

A Capricho, described by Robert Hughes in his book on Goya, is a whim, a fantasy, a play of the imagination, a passing fancy, and derives from the unpredictable jumping and hopping of a young goat. I thought it was an apt title to give to this recent body of work.

Images from the Exhibition

All images photographed by MENTAL IMAGES  ©MENTAL IMAGES 2016

The Caprichos are all images born of a love of Seville and a sad emotional time for me. Ironically it was this very sadness that inspired the work, along with the wonderful iconography of the catholic church, the mix of Moorish and Christian architecture,and the symbolism of the bull (Toro).


The series is a departure for me in many ways. No longer topographical, it blends religion, hypocricy, sex, death and humour. A tragicomedy perhaps?

In working on these Caprichos I have also managed to learn a few Spanish words!


I fully intend to go back to Seville soon and exorcise a few ghosts! Granada, Cordoba and Valencia will also be on my itinery, along with a sketchbook and a return to topography.





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