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13 February ❘ 6pm - 9pm

Viewing by Appointment till 20 February*

*Tel: 07506 693884 to arrange a viewing

  Jimmy Lannon, 2016

“The paint is using my subconscious, I close my eyes, I switch off from the world, the material takes control.”

Influenced by the subconscious, the work is produced through the minds sight. Using the organic qualities of the material, the paint takes a life and a meaning of its own.


It is the process of making that is rated, and the process that demands respect. By altering the materials, a metamorphosis of the intentions creates a chance aspect. This creates an alternative identity, which in itself demands attention. 

The process is organic and living but starts with the preparation of the atmosphere. Any paint or substance of different densities, that can be used, is made available at the time, anything and everything is applied but without a paintbrush. Using anything that comes into contact with the ritual, an ID card or an old bit of string.


Paints are layered over the top of a previous piece of work, ever changing the identity of the piece,

Images from the Exhibition

All images photographed by Mental Images  ©Mental Images 2016

creating an expansion of life and the layers of the painting, revealing, reviving and striping back again, to lives built on past experiences, a reincarnation and resurrection of the being, without regret. Whatever is past is present and these fragments of identity is what is being uncovered when the paintings is complete.


The first action is the base, there is no priming of the surface before the first intention takes place. By taking the print, a piece of the work is stolen and a bit of it’s identity is removed from the surface and transferred to another, it hasn't become another piece, although it takes on another identity, it is cloned from the origin.


The involvement of the interpreter or viewer in the perception of the artwork is very important in this body of work as it can be seen as two different identities, a double identity. Multiple personalities, so each individual piece of work is a piece of work on its own.


One of the works ‘untitled’ 2016 is a very darkened heavy piece of work, by trying to find the ‘lighter side’ the piece was mono printed onto a white canvas then peeled off to put the brighter paint

onto the lighter background, this then allows the paint itself to create it’s own individuality, but still being possessed by its alter ego.


The paintings are lit with fluorescent light revealing the 2nd identity of these works validating the intentions within and the sculptural cubes fabricated from glass, are also lit from the inside, distorting their appearance. The paintings made with glass paint transform the canvas into a translucent material, the whole exhibition is intended to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.


Taking a step back, seeing the painting through someone else's eyes.



More information about Jimmy Lannon is available on his artist profile page.


21 Clifton Street

Chapel Ash

Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ

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