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[Discursive Spaces]| C H A R L O T T E  D U N N 

Exploring Heterotopias and how they contribute to or restrict [Discursive spaces]. These heterotopias or non-spaces will inform the research and the output of the final works. Six westmidlands based artists have been invited to contribute to the publication and a final group show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery to present a narrative between 'the in-between' and what that means in our current climate.  

| Artist statement |


Charlotte uses her practice to question and transform traditions that form the way we analyse and comprehend our environment. She has in the past concentrated on the idea of manipulating the idea of our historical quest for knowledge.

Charlotte looks at manipulating scientific and natural history artefacts and locations, transforming their context through methods of presentation. The power that tools of presentation have to alter the context of a subject inspires her to transform objects, so that they have the effect of deceiving the viewer, looking at individual perception and what knowledge we gather from informative presentation.


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