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For the month of August, Stone intends to use the residency at the asylum to explore figurative forms and how they inhabit space in relation to environment and each other.  Playing with scale and experimenting with presentation of sketches this work is about process and development of image through layering of ideas and refinement of form and trying out alternative ways of  presentation.


Having recently been involved in Cultural Bridge, a creative Photography exchange with Nellie Norstrom in Lorrach, Stone in this work considers similarities and differences between the human race across geographic boundaries separated further by Brexit. Using expressive mark making and tone, identity plays on appearances along with our conception of what is normal or real where identity is human: - mind and spirit.


Open by appointment - 07977 543 188

Public evening Saturday 13th 5-8pm

Instagram – deborahstone1


 WIP visits - 10th – 16th August 2022, 11am - 5pm | For Studio Open evening - 13th August 2022, 5pm - 8pm 

The Asylum Art Gallery, 21 Clifton Street, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0TZ 

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