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| [ R O U N D A B O U T ] |Wolverhampton Chapel Ash A41 Ringroad Underpass |Sept 2023 -  Aug 2024

A progression on from our previous residency project ‘Discursive Spaces’, Chapel Ash ROUNDABOUT will bring together community stakeholders from across Wolverhampton with 3 Midlands artists to regenerate a public underpass within the city into a space suitable for subsequent community activations, including performances of live music, spoken word, and dance.

This 12-month project brings together Wolverhampton City Council, Art Gallery (WAG) and 8 community groups to regenerate a public underpass into a space where communities can program multiple interventions and events.

During the project Asylum Art Gallery will be used as the residency artists studio base for a period of 2-months each. Three commissioned artists will create a layer for the space, collaborating with the community board. The progress will be showcased online, through blogs, interview, timelapses and artists can use the gallery for any R&D and community engagement activities they want. 

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