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One of the micro-commission artists, who will be working to regenerate the Chapel Ash underpass alongside the residency artists in our ROUNDABOUT project, is Billy Haynes. Find out more about the artist and their proposal below. 

December 2023 - May 2024| Phased stages and unveiling at each event ending in July 2024



Billy Haynes is a musician and writer from Wolverhampton. He is the main songwriter for the band, The Calamity, and has composed such songs as national radio hit 'Pagans' and 'Prophecy 1' which was commissioned for 2022's Offsite 9 Project.


Also the author of recently released novel, 'The Book of the Witch Doctor', Haynes describes his artistic style as 'post-industrial folktale'.

The Calamity Band.


For our ROUNDABOUT project, Haynes proposes to create Common Land, a communal garden within the Chapel Ash underpass with an accompanying soundscape.

Planted with edible fruits and plants, his proposal will transform part of the many green spaces within the Chapel Ash underpass. The work is also participatory as community members can contribute to and use the garden. 

Common Land will be accompanied by a geotagged soundscape that will evolve and change with the nature in the garden aided by the input of different communities.



Since the beginning of Winter, Billy has worked on clearing and preparing the ground within the Chapel Ash underpass for various planting that will form Common Land.

In Spring, he planted a number of edible plants including apple trees, raspberry and blueberry bushes which have taken and started to produce blossoms.


We saw more planting and growth in Billy's work at our MONUMENTS event in the Chapel Ash underpass on 19th May 2024. 

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