| IF WE HAD THIS [  S   P   A   C   E  ] | BAS9 OFFSITE 9 | January - April 2022

[Asylum Artist Quarter is delivering | IF WE HAD THIS  S  P  A  C  E |

BAS9 states that “The artists in BAS9 propose, contribute to and test alternative economies and ways of living together, that emphasise care, commonality, collaboration and non-hierarchical ways of organising activity. British Art Show 9 explores three overarching themes – healing, care and reparative history; tactics for togetherness; and imagining new futures"

Asylum Artist Quarter is offering 9 commissions for sound works in the form of music, soundscapes, spoken word, speeches to respond to 9 chosen sites in Wolverhampton City Centre that were once used as spaces that;

  • emphasised care, commonality, collaboration, healing, togetherness and Non-Hierarchical ways of organising activity.

These spaces now sit as derelict unused sites, empty but restricted to the public to revitalise through grassroots initiatives. These sound pieces will be geotagged to the location and an engagement board will collect responses of how we want to reclaim these lost spaces if we were only given the opportunity to organise our own activities in public space. This will then form a digital art trail for the duration of the BAS9 Tour. Each of the sound pieces should respond to the site and offer the public ways to engage with new ways of imagining what could be IF WE HAD THIS SPACE ]

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Intro to BAS 9 Wolverhampton

The British Art Show is a landmark touring exhibition that celebrates recent art made in Britain. Organised every five years by Hayward Gallery Touring, next year the exhibition brings the work of contemporary artists to four cities across the UK, Aberdeen, Manchester, Plymouth and Wolverhampton. https://britishartshow9.co.uk/whats-on/wolverhampton/

Introduction to ‘Offsite 9’ local programme

Offsite 9 commissions support activities that increase opportunities for people to experience great creative and cultural experiences in Wolverhampton. Creative Black Country has been awarded Arts Council funding to support the development of a local programme supporting artists to create work that will add value and compliment the main BAS 9 show in Wolverhampton. Creative Black Country is working with a creative team to develop the programme over the next year; Asylum Art Gallery, Flexus Dance, DASH, Bobby Tiwana, Fused, Nelson Douglas and Eagle Works. There will be 9 themed commissions, these can be created by collectives, individuals or organisations. In addition to a publication, podcast and four commission opportunities to create and showcase work, the partners within the creative team are also delivering their own commissions for the program.

Creative Framework for all commissions within this program:

  • Engage local people in creative activity and profile the city’s artistic and creative talent.

  • Strive for high quality experiences in the creative process and outcomes

  • Ensure our programme is accessible and representative, and welcomes the people of Wolverhampton to get involved.

  • Strive to be accessible for D/deaf and Disabled artists, participants and audiences.

  • Encourages conditions for the creative community to feel better connected and leave a legacy that supports the creative community.

  • Work with local people to create work that matters, is honest, and relevant.

  • Profile Wolverhampton in a new light.

  • Create new work in Wolverhampton using spaces and places

Guidelines to applicants

  • Creatives living and working in Wolverhampton or have a strong connection to the area.

  • You can apply as an individual, collective or organisation (please detailed guidelines highlighted below)

  • The work must be presented during BAS 9 in Wolverhampton Jan – April 2022

Who can apply?

Individuals might include: Artists, musicians, writers, performers, collectives, informal groups of people.

Organisations who CAN submit proposals: Voluntary organisations e.g. arts clubs, collectives, choirs or groups that meet regularly; Arts organisations; Public organisations such as libraries, youth centres, etc.; Organisations whose normal activity is not related to the arts but who want to include arts in what they do e.g. an allotment or residents’ association; youth group, senior citizens group Not for Profit organisations and community groups, whether registered charities or not; Faith groups/organisations Schools i.e. affiliated parent/community groups.

Who CANNOT submit proposals? Organisations that share out profits to members or shareholders; University students using this grant to fund their creative projects as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate course; Those running activities that do not benefit people living in Wolverhampton; Activities that are already taking place or have already been completed. This must be a new activity.

How to Apply - Tell us about your Sound Piece

  • You will need to write a proposal of up to 500 words or create a video of up to 3 minutes long to explain your Sound Piece. Please outline your response and describe;

  • The medium or style in which it will be created.

  • How it responds to the themes of our project – who, what, where, when and why?

  • Ways people can engage with the piece.

  • Examples of past sound works.

  • Please include: Your name & contact details; proposed name and title of your idea.

  • Can you make your sound piece accessible? (e.g. if it is digital can you provide audio description, subtitles and/or BSL interpretation). Please speak to CBC as we have budget to support this.

The commission fee for selected responses is £250.

Submitting your proposal:

Deadline: Monday 12th July 5pm

Please send your proposal or video along with the equal opportunities monitoring form by Email: community.engagement.aaq@gmail.com with ‘Offsite 9’ in the subject heading.

If you would prefer to discuss your proposal /ideas due to access needs, or require alternative access options please contact info@theasylumartgallery.com or email a video message.