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A R T I S T  Q U A R T E R

'Asylum Artist Quarter CIC' oversee's community engagement, third sector, council partnerships and educational programs. Within all of our venues, our priority is to enable and mentor contemporary artists who are exploring social & political work, whilst remaining inclusive to its community by offering local opportunities and facilitating knowledge shares. We want to nurture artistic expression and support the regeneration of our city through cultural development. By offering artist led spaces where programs are co-developed with the affiliated collective, we provide agency to our artists through bottom up collaboration and co-programming in our spaces.

You can get involved in our community in a number of ways.


We offer Hot Desking to start up creative business' allowing you a supportive environment to collaborate with professional artists.

We also have a regular program which you can contribute to and run events within as a member with use of our spaces and facilities.


Whether you are looking to hotdesk, work in a creative environment, run a workshop, presentation or an organisational day out, We have the following facilities available:

  • Large meeting room with stunning natural light 

  • Small gallery space for emerging artists/solo shows or educational programs

  • Mac/Printing facilities

  • Hotdesking facilities

  • Small photostudio upon request

  • Hundreds of art and philosophy books not available in most public libraries or universities.

  • A large gallery space

We can provide vocational work experience support, workshops, seminars for schools/colleges/FHE

You can also apply to us to show your work in our smaller 'Studio Gallery' for free at our Open Studio Events. Open calls will go out two months before and we run three a year.

Our Partners

Our current partners who are using our facilities and offering services to our collective and the community.


Over 7 years experience video documenting arts and culture in the WestMidlands and collaborating with Asylum Artist Quarter CIC in developing an archive of artists work across a diversity of mediums.

Mobile| 07758346823


The Photostudio

A collaborative space that facilitates local partnerships and creative project development.

Directed by 'The Crimson White' Model portfolio accessible through Purpleport with the added bonus of her modelling expertise. 


The space is available for hire and so are the services of the artists, models and media support available on site.


Tuition also available.


Available equipment 

- White paper back drop

- Textured and brick wall 

- 2 x continuous lighting soft boxes 

- 1 x white photo umbrella light 

- Props and chairs are available

- Model catalogue on request

The studio is for hire at £20ph and upon request the rest of the artists studios are also available for photoshoots for an additional £5ph. 

We are available for model days, fashion shoots, portraits, and the photographing of artwork for portfolios. 

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