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Opportunities to exist within an artistic community are rare and artists struggle for
years against each other’s connections and reputations when they should be supporting
and celebrating.

Exploring and investigating the potential of collaborative practice -- both in relation to projects initiated within our collective and in partnership with ‘outside’ organisations, groups and individuals -- is integral to our methodology, thinking and operational approach. As part of our ‘on-going vision’ to work with and unite all cultural providers, based within Wolverhampton and the Black Country -- to produce a visible, impactful, relevant (i.e. to individuals who feel excluded from the ‘cultural sphere’) and viable creative community.


We have experimented with approaches to collaboration and, in so doing, challenged traditional disciplinary boundaries and hierarchies. Our artists work in conjunction with each other to provide a supportive collective through their multi-disciplinary talents -- pooling skills and resources for the benefit of all.

Indeed, working together, for ‘mutual benefit’, is something we actively encourage and support within our collective.


Collaboration is an integral element of our operation: as emphasised by our overarching commitment to working with partner organisations, individuals and groups who’s primary objectives closely mirror our own -- such as arts organisations, charitable trusts, disadvantaged youngsters / families and asylum seekers.


To this end, we have initiated, facilitated and supported a number of collaborative projects with several individuals, charitable trusts, groups and partner organisations.

Asylum Art Gallery: Collaborative Projects

Our ongoing collaborations:


  • The Junction festival

  • Creative Black Country

  • Stryx Gallery Birmingham

  • Gecko and Erasmus +

  • Wolverhampton University Students

  • Creative Wolverhampton

  • Bantock House (Wolverhampton Art Gallery)

  • The Life Spring Centre - Christian Creative Network

  • Wolverhampton Council and The Cultural Compact including WAG


Past projects include:


  • Art in the city

  • Album Art Show with vintage collectors

  • Anti-Art collective

  • The Junction Arts Festival

  • Talent Match Art Show

  • Wolverhampton Graduate Show

  • Desolate art in the community student show

  • SlowCooker Residency from Stryx

  • Scrambled Spirits collective Music Nights

  • The [Spaces] In-between - Wolverhampton Art gallery

  • Disorder live art festival

  • Untold - anniversary of the partition of India and Pakistan

  • Fundraising for Mind

  • Fundraising For NHS Wolverhampton Royal Hospital

  • City of Sanctuary

  • Month of July Paintings

  • Eagle Works Gallery

  • Arts Fest

  • Live Music with Clarendon

  • Arena Theatre

  • Arts Fairs at Newhampton Arts Centre

  • The Lighthouse


If you would like to discuss our ongoing collaborations or suggest a new project please contact:

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