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The first artist, who’s two-month residency at The Asylum Art Gallery will commence the ROUNDABOUT project, is David Checkley. Find out more about the artist and his proposal below. 

2nd November 2023 - 14th January 2024| Public event and unveiling the 13th January 2024


David’s practice is multifaceted and includes large sculptural works and lighting design often using less conventional techniques and equipment; combining and upcycling vintage with new and evolving technologies. His experience and skills come from a background in technical theatre design along with mentoring from established artists and curators.


His work features many themes like re-examining aspects of play and the unexpected, investigative works on mental illness, the psychology behind audience interaction and perceptions of audience space, and the impact of socio-political and environmental issues. 


David proposes to create a space in the Chapel Ash underpass where performers and the public participate to form an experience.

The work will be interdisciplinary and use a mixture of traditional sculptural materials, such as cut steel sheets, attached to lamp posts like sails or awnings which will create projected wayfaring and highlight other works in the space. The idea is to be simple, bolt on, easy to modify, resilient and accessible, providing a focal point for meeting and performance.

Other sculptural pieces will also sit back from the exits of the subways in the underpass, in the central circle, to form a monolithic structure, that projects a lit gallery space of changeable areas and panels, allowing the spaces to fulfil their new creative requirements.

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