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The third artist, who’s two-month residency at The Asylum Art Gallery follows Luke Perry in our ROUNDABOUT project, is Hayley Wall. Find out more about the artist and their proposal below. 

18th March - 19th May 2024| Public event in partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery LATES 19 July 2024


Hayley Wall is an artist from the Midlands whose work is driven by a strong sense of social justice. Their illustrations are thought-provoking and invite viewers to embrace a more inclusive and empathetic world view.


Wall challenges and reframes dominant perspectives around disability, mental health, queerness, and gender, while simultaneously celebrating the resilience and vitality of oft-marginalised identities. With a background in dance, the figures central to Wall's artwork convey a powerful sense of movement which is further brought to life through augmented reality. 


The transformative mural project that Wall proposes for our ROUNDABOUT project is entitled 'Nature & Nurture'. It focuses on revitalising the Chapel Ash underpass through art in collaboration with the locals who use the space.

The mural itself, a vibrant tableau of authenticity and resilience, proposes to embody the community spirit through a strong central figure in the artist's unique style, surrounded by flowers that represent the opportunity to bloom afresh every year and add colour to previously gloomy or forgotten corners of the community. 

In July 2024, we are partnering with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wall's work will be part of their LATES evening event. Sign up to our newsletter​ to stay up-to-date with information on events.


As part of their two month residency at Asylum Art Gallery, Wall has been running creative workshops with local community groups where they have contributed to the artist's mural 'Nature & Nurture'. They used a variety of print-making techniques to create artworks that were then transformed into flowers that will be added to Wall's mural via augmented reality.

Through active participation, residents contribute to the mural through the flowers, fostering a sense of belonging, purpose, and pride among community members. This intends to be an element which the residents can feel connected to, even at a glance in passing.


In this way, 'Nature & Nurture' promises not only to transform physical space, but also to strengthen the sense of community among Chapel Ash residents. 

Wall's mural will be unveiled on 19 July 2024. We are partnering with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wall's work, as well as other ROUNDABOUT artists, will be part of their Friday Lates evening event. Visit our events page to find out more.

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