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One of the micro-commission artists, who will be working to regenerate the Chapel Ash underpass alongside the residency artists in our ROUNDABOUT project, is Luke Reader. Find out more about the artist and their proposal below.

December 2023 - July 2024 |Phased stages and unveiling at each event ending in July 2024


Reader is a passionate designer who thrives on challenges and revels in great ideas. His career has been built on a foundation of passion and enthusiasm for design that always shines through in the work. 

Reader is a Visual Communications graduate from Birmingham City University with over eight years of experience in Graphic Design, both in-house and with design agencies. His skills include concept design, project management, and final design implementation.


For the ROUNDABOUT project, Reader proposed to transform the Chapel Ash underpass into a well-known destination for arts, community and performance through a strong brand identity that will be echoed across the underpass alongside the other artwork.

Using strong imagery and graphic design to leave a lasting impression on pedestrians in the underpass, the ultimate goal of Reader's proposal is to turn Roundabout into a hub for art exhibitions, music performances, street food, craft stalls and other enjoyable activities. 

His work will also present opportunities to promote artists' work and make Roundabout a well-known destination, which will help boost tourism in the area.



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