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The Quarter, 3 School Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4LF


In response to open calls, we are giving over The ASYLUM Art Gallery & The QUARTER to talented local artists and collectives to showcase their work to the public. 

Between July and October, we invite you to see a diverse collection of contemporary artists working across multidisciplinary approaches, asking challenging questions and inviting us to share in their process. 

All of the artists showcasing are research and practise led and seek to provide dynamic and discursive space for conversation.

This program is predominately groups and collectives, working through what it means to be in relation to, outside of and within different frames. 

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Mutant Materialities: Process and experimentation will present the work of six West Midlands based artists who experiment with materials and ways of display.

The works are sculpture-based, textural and performative and explore different meanings of materiality and the relation of technology and objects.

Drawing ideas from their practice, the artists will use the space to experiment and build connections between each other’s work, showcasing existing and new work.

Thinking about objects and their relevance to memories, meta-materials and the relation to our environment, the creation of new artefacts and how sound could take material and immaterial forms. The exhibition will be a collective effort to invite visitors to observe and rethink structures, textures and their meaning to a post-human reality.

List of artists: Boyana Aleksova, Jacob Carter, Tod Jones, Hasna Khan, Mau Samayoa and Tom Tebby.

The SAAC (South Asian Arts Collective) Summer Exhibition turns three! We will be showcasing artwork from our diverse pool of South-Asian and South-Asian Diaspora creative membership. Expect to see a heady mix of styles, mediums and genres chosen from an internal call. 

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An open call has gone live, artists are now being selected and confirmed. - Ple


[ AS I SEE IT ] - September 9th - 23rd 2022

Date of opening: 9th September 6pm - 8pmClosing: 23rd September 

Yas Lime curates T’s and Q’s Archive, some of the freshest photography coming out of Birmingham right now. The exhibition includes delicate and dreamy colour portraits taken on film. Shown offline for the first time, the works offer a unique insight into the lives of LGBTQIA+ people.

Mx Neffy uses their work to critique the view that white, middle-class and non-disabled identities are the epitome of Queer / Trans life and culture. The work speaks with and for those on the margins. Mx Neffy is an emerging Queer photographer. They studied Film and Cinematography at the University of South Wales. They were born in Birmingham, and are a working-class POC Non-binary person. They are the recipient of the GRAIN Photo Bursary for the 2022 Generations Project.  


Yas Lime is a multi-heritage, working-class curator living and working in Birmingham. They are part of of the British Art Network Emerging Curators Group 2022-2023.  Website:

[ OutsideIN ] - Window Residencies |A program of window interventions with Westmidlands artists |
More paid opportunities coming 2023

[  S E D G L E Y  &  B R O W N   ] |15th May - 15th June 2021 | Painting, Performance, Video | 3 School Street



For the second [INSIDE OUT] residency, the artist pairing of Alec Sedgley and Thomas Jack Brown Brown will be combining their artistic practices of abstract art and video/film installation to create a tableau of mixed media works that utilise the colours associated with Wolverhampton. The black and gold of Wolverhampton Wanderers, the reds and blues from the city coat of arms and the silvers, greys and whites found in the steel jewellery the city is famous for making. 


The residency will provide space and time for Sedgley and Brown to explore their own individual practices, how best to bring their practices together and come together to produce an ongoing variety of work including canvases, framed works and video projections and installations.

Sedgley and Brown is a new artistic partnership between abstract artist Alec Sedgley and video artist
Thomas Jack Brown that utilises the methodologies of each artist in a collaborative practice to create a
tableau of mixed media work and installations for physical and online exhibition. This partnership of
collaborative practice is underpinned and strengthened with a friendship of over a decade and a working relationship that started in Further Education four years ago.