The Quarter, 3 School Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4LF


We're taking over @asylum_artist_quarter and their Instagram account for the whole of May.


Starting with @adam_guy_artist show #tooclose Private view Thu 5th May 7pm. Then open Saturdays & Sundays 11am - 4pm 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th May - FREE Asylum Quarter Shop. Postcode WV1 4LF

Adam's artwork asks challenging and awkward questions about who we are, and the multiple identities we create in our cities today.

His work explores how, where, and when we live out these often conflicted and conflicting identities. From the beginning of Adam's career, he has examined our pieces of the world and the ways in which they collide, Adam is fascinated by the politics of place, and his personal relationship with concepts of ritual, obsession, distraction, and fear. Cred: @thatstrikingviking

Then on Saturday 21st May at 7pm we open (private view) for a group show;

 #process which includes @adam_guy_artist @kristianjones @adult art club @neeraikainth @oliverhwells @beckistheprintingtype @tomtebby @m_westb and many more.


Open Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 4pm until June


[ OutsideIN ] - Window Residencies |A program of window interventions with Westmidlands artists |
More paid opportunities coming 2023

[  S E D G L E Y  &  B R O W N   ] |15th May - 15th June 2021 | Painting, Performance, Video | 3 School Street



For the second [INSIDE OUT] residency, the artist pairing of Alec Sedgley and Thomas Jack Brown Brown will be combining their artistic practices of abstract art and video/film installation to create a tableau of mixed media works that utilise the colours associated with Wolverhampton. The black and gold of Wolverhampton Wanderers, the reds and blues from the city coat of arms and the silvers, greys and whites found in the steel jewellery the city is famous for making. 


The residency will provide space and time for Sedgley and Brown to explore their own individual practices, how best to bring their practices together and come together to produce an ongoing variety of work including canvases, framed works and video projections and installations.

Sedgley and Brown is a new artistic partnership between abstract artist Alec Sedgley and video artist
Thomas Jack Brown that utilises the methodologies of each artist in a collaborative practice to create a
tableau of mixed media work and installations for physical and online exhibition. This partnership of
collaborative practice is underpinned and strengthened with a friendship of over a decade and a working relationship that started in Further Education four years ago.

[  R U P I   D H I L L O N  ] - D A A J  |14th April - 14th May 2021 |  daily performance intervention 


Rupi Dhillon


April 14th 2021 - May 14th 2021

Paying homage to The Quarter’s previous use as a Bridal Store, Rupi Dhillon will transform this space from Bridal Store to Cultural Space, activated by a month long performance entitled ‘DAAJ’. During the month-long residency, Rupi will assemble a quilt composed of 21 Indian bridal outfits that formed part of her dowry during marriage. Despite the legal issues associated with dowry in India, laws continue to be misused. As a British Punjabi woman, Rupi uses her practice to critique patriarchal customs inherent in both her cultures. She states “I own a British passport but grew up in Punjab and therefore hold an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India). When migrating to the UK my family like many others packed and carried over patriarchal customs and traditions created to oppress women. Whilst I fully support retaining cultural identity when migrating to foreign lands, I cannot support the perpetuating oppression of any woman.” Whilst unpacking and disassembling these gowns, Rupi hopes to question and critique dowry customs that are often patriarchal, women’s work and the underpaid needle workers of South Asia, as well as using this space to take part in her own radical healing.