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[Discursive Spaces]| T A R I Q  E V A N S  

Exploring Heterotopias and how they contribute to or restrict [Discursive spaces]. These heterotopias or non-spaces will inform the research and the output of the final works. Six westmidlands based artists have been invited to contribute to the publication and a final group show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery to present a narrative between 'the in-between' and what that means in our current climate.  

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| Artist statement |

Tariq Evans is an artist located in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. His practice consists of surreal but also realistic paintings and drawings, often working in large scale pieces of work, the concepts manifest through dark surrealism and the macabre. Humanoid representations and figures are therefore an important recurring aspect of the work to further compliment this theme. To try and achieve this, He focuses on creating work that blends elements of the ordinary with the outworldly to suggest a sense of uncanny familiarity as well as also using elements of realism but also fantasy as a vehicle to achieve this.


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