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Asylum Art Gallery & The Quarter


  • Exhibition curation experience

  • Front of house and Sales

  • Free exhibition space and portfolio development

  • Documentation and archiving of work including interviews

  • A venue for all forms of visual arts , including performance, live art , and music

  • collaborative opportunities within the existing artistic community framework across many venues.



We always welcome volunteers who would like to immerse themselves within our art collective.


If you would like to talk about volunteering within any of the above areas mentioned or if you feel you have a new skill you would like to incorporate, please contact the email below.



For all information regarding any of the above please contact :


Anyone can exhibit within our space as we have an open door policy that many venues do not offer. This is because we are committed to community regeneration and revivement through listening and providing support that is relevant to the area and its current needs socially and politically.

We show one - two artists per month with an opening and closing show at the first and last Friday of that show.


We are responsible for promotion and marketing, however if you are offered a free exhibition it is your responsibility to  engage the local area alongside our support and to open and close the space to the public when it is not the scheduled events.

If you would like technical support, curation and painting and cleaning of the space, there is a fee to cover labour and paint.

If you would like to show your work in our space , please complete the two Asylum forms below and email directly to us.


We also provide mentoring programs with groups or organizations wishing to gain work experience from inception of idea to curation, event organization and presentation to the public. 

An example of this is provided below in the 'Creative industries' document. 

We have worked with;

  • Gecko Erasmus

  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery

  • Wolverhampton university

  • Stryx gallery 

  • Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College

  • WestMidlandsCulturalResponseUnit

  • Disorder Live Art

  • Loughborough University

Below are our Gallery documents for Exhibiting and Mentoring

Asylum Gallery Proposal Document 
Asylum Gallery Risk Assessment Document 
Creative Industries workshop programme
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